Introduce People

You are good at making connections. Are you interested in getting paid to make connections? Come be a matchmaker and grow a base of clients.


We are seeking women who have connections or who are comfortable reaching out to others to make connections. Matchmaking is a great way to contribute to the community, while getting paid.

About You

This is great for someone who has lots of connections in your communities.

What’s Involved

  • Complete our online form and schedule a conversation with a member of our team.

  • During our first conversation, we answer questions and get to know you.

  • We help you develop your matchmaker profile.

  • We announce and promote you as a matchmaker.

Goals and Objectives

The goal is to introduce your clients with one new match per month. A match involves making an agreed connection. The objectives are to get to know your clients so well that when they are introduced to a new person (match), they at the very least have a good conversation. The more clients you have, the better job you can do for them.

Strategy and Approach

We are using the opposite approach of online classified ads for humans (dating apps).  We are kind, intuitive, and respectful organization that wants to make love connections. We are building a cooperative organization where everyone who participates can become a co-op member (owner).  We keep the money in our community through high pay-outs to matchmakers and ownership options.

Career Options

  • Build your book of clients.

  • Accept private consultations through the platform.

  • Become an owner operator.

What’s Involved

  • Time on the phone texting and calling

  • Holding your client’s information in confidence, for ever.

  • Listening and paying attention to your clients. This is not about you, your wants, or your desires.

  • Leave all judgement at the door. Listen with your heart.

  • Take good notes in our platform to satisfy your clients and for payment purposes.


How to Start

As long as you are not creepy, we would love to have you join our yBe Me Matchmakers group.