Meet People

Highly personalized, romantic and organic way of creating new romantic connections. We offer a monthly matchmaking subscription that is for women, and by women.


A dating app is nothing more than classified ads with messaging capabilities. Most of us want something better, more human, and something that involves connecting.

About You

This is good for someone who wants to a make monthly connection with one or more people.

What’s Involved

  • Subscribe To Be Matched
  • Answer A Few Questions
  • Meet with Your Matchmaker for the First Session Or Two

  • Start Getting Introduced to Possible Matches.

Goals and Objectives

The goal of this platform is simply to help members to make meaningful connections and to monetize our own love life. The objective is to provide you with interesting connections that allow you to build your community. Some connections will be friends and maybe one …. or more …. could be more than friends.

Strategy and Approach

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What’s Involved

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How to Start

We welcome new subscriber members. Follow the instructions for onboarding.