1. Introduction

We created a lifestyle company that creates jobs, gigs, and growth in the lesbian economy for the purpose of buying property to create safe and affordable homes (co-housing) for lesbians.

The co-op has plans to offer a set of services that many lesbians spend money on every day. The money will provide jobs/gigs for lesbians and create a cash flow stream that will help fund housing opportunities for lesbians.

The business model is essentially based on other successful endeavors.

1. The financial model of McDonalds. In the third quarter of 2023, McD reported $54.5 billion in real estate on their balance sheet. The burger business is simply a cash flow stream that allows Mc D to own land.

2. The business structure of REI. which is a cooperatively owned corporation. Member based.

3. The growth model of Amazon. We are here to grow and expand. When we get one product or service going, we keep opening doors for lesbian based businesses, organizations and opportunities.

4. The humanity of our work is based on Habitat for Humanity where we focus on safe and affordable living environments.

We are currently seeking to create our first community.


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  • The Heart
    The Heart

    We are a lifestyle company that seeks to create jobs, gigs and housing for a disadvantaged population.

  • Owners

    To provide for the economic recovery and prosperity of a legally and socially disadvantaged group of people.

  • Goals

    Our goal is to progress the economic security and prosperity of lesbians through ownership of housing.

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  • 3. Primary Goals
  • 4. Unique Opportunity
  • 5. Our Oganization

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