4. Unique Opportunity

As a disadvantaged group, we are here because we believe that co-housing could provide for our economic recovery, security and prosperity.

We Are Here

We know that the above statement is true and yet here we are, most of us are standing in the same spot as where we were last year, and the year before. It is scary and we see it as riskier than it needs to be.

Collective Support of Communities.

One of the sticking points is collective ownership. Owning something with others is risky and could potentially complicate our lives. I have a plan to reduce that risk.

How to Get in and Out of Communities

Real estate is not a liquid asset and may not be easily divisible. We can prepare for and overcome these weaknesses with planning and group effort.

Financing is Easier than Expected

Many or most of the comments from lesbians in the co-housing groups imply that projects have to be financed with all cash. That is NOT the case.




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  • The Heart
    The Heart

    We are a lifestyle company that seeks to create jobs, gigs and housing for a disadvantaged population.

  • Owners

    To provide for the economic recovery and prosperity of a legally and socially disadvantaged group of people.

  • Goals

    Our goal is to progress the economic security and prosperity of lesbians through ownership of housing.

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  • 3. Primary Goals
  • 4. Unique Opportunity
  • 5. Our Oganization

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